My name is Tim, but I have gone by Timmy since my parents decided that was what they would call me around age 1. I’m a waiter & bartender by trade, and have made a pretty good living out of serving food and drinks to patrons at restaurants for the past 12 years since I graduated college. I love the restaurant lifestyle because it affords me the ability to travel and not worry about making a boss mad by taking off too much time at once.

Typically, I work at a restaurant for about a year or two, then either pick one or a few destinations and travel to them so I can explore different places and cultures. I’ve been working at my current restaurant, Centro in Boulder, CO for about a year and a half now and I’m about ready to begin a year long expedition around Europe, Thailand, and the Philippines. My brother travelled to Europe about 10 years ago, and he mentioned that Copenhagen, Denmark was the greatest place on Earth, mostly because of the people and how happy they always are. He said the Danes really know how to relax, and when I visit I will understand why. Hence the name of this blog.

I’ve travelled to 28 different countries in my life, and can’t wait to re-visit certain places or add to that tally. My world view has expanded so much since I first set out on my initial travels abroad in the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college. Literally, travelling has changed my life in so many different ways, but the best part of everything is being able to meet new people, see different architecture, try new and amazing food and drink, and stretch the limits of my thinking.

My next plan is to fly into Copenhagen, spend about two weeks there, then fly to Amsterdam, which will be the beginning of my backpacking trek down to Belgium, across Germany, down to the Czech Republic, and up to Warsaw, Poland, from which I will fly to Bangkok, Thailand.

Below is a pic of Copenhagen that my brother took and sent to me in advance of my travels. I can’t wait to see this place!

I will be here in about 6 months!

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