Travelling within the US

Sometimes I’m asked if I travel frequently within the United States. The answer is of course a resounding ‘YES’, but I don’t get talk too much about it because most of my friends and family have been every single place I have been here in America, so it’s not as exciting to talk about. Nevertheless, there are some amazing places to travel within the US, and I’ll get into talking about them in some future posts. One place I travel frequently to, because I love the mountains, is Colorado. The natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains is almost indescribable, something you really have to see to believe.

I love to hike and backpack, not just all over the world, but hiking, backpacking, and camping is what I grew up doing with my family. We like hiking all over Colorado because there is so much that you can see, and you would need a lifetime to cover it all. There’s over 50 14,000 foot tall mountains that you could scale (don’t try to hike those unless you do a little bit of research before hand about what it takes to scale a 14’er!), and each one of them has something special about it.

While I said initially that I wouldn’t go into too great a detail about my travels in the States, I will delve into these a bit more into my future posts, as well as talk about my special love for the towns of Boulder and Fort Collins, where some family both live.

Until next time, have fun out there, and make sure you get your travel fix today!