What’s in your Backpack when you Travel?

One of the most important things that could have ever happened to me was that I made a bunch of mistakes when I initially travelled in terms of what I packed! You don’t think too much about that stuff, as most of your time is spent actually planning your travel schedule and picking out the places you are going to go. I thought ‘If I forget something, I can simply find a store wherever I am, and just buy what I need’. The problem with that is that not every city in every country has what you can commonly buy in America at REI…

With that, I thought I would discuss what’s in my travel bag so I can share with you what I would pack when I’m going to travel. Rather, sharing my essentials, which are the most important things.

1. Socks. I’m sure most of you military veterans are nodding your heads firmly at this one! Socks can be the most important thing to a traveller, and the rest might not even be close to as important as this one. A good pair of socks can make or break your travel day, especially when you are walking around with a 50 pound backpack through train stations in Europe, or in massive International airports, like the one in Sydney, Australia. I prefer finding socks that athletes would wear, because of the breathability. Under Armour makes some incredible socks, as does Nike, and there are some great brands you can find at REI as well that have smartwool, which is what skiers use inside their boots. Over a 6 month travel excursion, I will probably wear through 10 pairs of socks, but that’s absolutely the very first thing that I will pack before anything else.

2. Some kind of Map or Compass is so incredibly essential. I can’t emphasize enough the protection that you put around your map either. A soft lamination around a map of any country is enough to protect it so you can use over and over while you are travelling.

3. Sunscreen. Since most of my time spent while travelling is spent outside, I need to make sure at least my face is covered daily with good sunscreen (If you have fair skin like me, you’ll end up getting burnt quickly and feeling miserable if you can’t get out in the sun the next day). This one is important, and you’ll have to stock up again no matter where you’re ending up, but a couple good bottles to start out with is key.

4. Extra batteries. If you’re travelling with electronics, you’ll need backups for those, so make sure you know what batteries you need before you set off. Also check the TSA battery requirements before you try to pack something they won’t allow on the plane.

5. Lastly, the most important for me is some kind of water reservoir or water hydration system. A good water filter can do the trick here. I was once hiking through New Zealand and was in dire need of water. Thankfully, my good friend Nate had a water filtration system, and we were able to hydrate ourselves after a long day of hiking in the sun. This can’t be understated enough, so make sure you heed my advice on this one.

That’s my top 5 must-have’s to put in your backpack for travelling. What are yours?

What are your top reasons for travelling. You can see mine from this post, and you can always Contact me as well to discuss your exciting challenges you face when travelling.

Until next time, safe travels and have fun wherever you are!