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To kick this thing off, I’m going to discuss my top 7┬áreasons to travel. This is kind of like my bible, so I figured I would share a little bit. Hope this list rings true to some of you as well!

1. Meeting new people. Being from the USA, and growing up in the middle of the country in Springfield, Missouri, I didn’t have much culture in my upbringing. Everyone around me was mainly white lower/middle class, and I didn’t have much exposure to different races and cultures until I attended college at The University of Illinois (Go Illini!). Travelling is so appealing because of all the different people I get to meet when I touch down in a new country.

2. Riding on a plane. Sure, I know what you’re thinking. This guy is CRAZY! Riding on a plane is for the birds, and why the hell would anyone ever think that’s a good part of travelling. Well, for me, this signifies the start of a new journey, no matter where I’m going. I might be crazy, but I love the idea of getting on a 2-14 hour plane flight knowing that the end of the flight results in a new experience about to take place.

3. The Food. Oh the food! My mouth is watering just thinking about the pastries that I’m going to have in Copenhagen, the Bratwurst that I’m going to stuff my face with in Munich, and the Thai food in Bangkok. If you think about it, your mouth might start to water thinking about the grub too.

4. The architecture. I love looking at new architecture. Different buildings, different ways that builders build things away from America. If you go to a suburban city in America, you can see the same house in virtually every suburban city. This doesn’t hold true in other countries in Europe, where the homes, apartments, and everything else under the sun is simply built differently.

5. The Exercise. I remember in college, I left for my first trip abroad at a paltry 220 lbs, well over what I should be weighing. I’ll give you two guesses as to why I was so heavy (Okay, you can have a few, but it was beer, food, sitting on the couch smoking weed, and did I mention the beer?). After about two weeks of travelling, and walking everywhere to explore, I dropped a good 5 pounds, and the weight just kept coming off. My energy shot through the roof, which helped when wanting to jump out of bed to see more sights on a daily basis. At the moment, my body could use a good excuse to shed a few pounds.

6. The Culture. This is one that always sticks with me forever when I travel. You’ll never be able to replicate what you see in other countries at home here in America. It doesn’t matter if there’s a Thai restaurant in town, or if you go to a German beer festival that’s just down the street. Nothing, and I repeat, Nothing, can beat the culture that you can experience, or take in while travelling abroad. There’s really no way to explain this, so I won’t even try to start.

7. Last, but certainly not least, the Perspective. Travelling has given me the best perspective that I could ever get out of life. You realize how other people live, see what they do on a daily basis, or what they don’t do and it lends (at least to me) to being a more calm person. When you see people living off virtually nothing, and being completely happy with it, you realize that happiness is simply an attitude that people have, and it’s not created by money, a nice home, or anything else. It’s created by their attitude towards living a good life, and that is truly something great to behold.

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