Welcome to my blog about my Travels!

TweetThanks for visiting Sancairodicopenhagen.com, which is where I will be talking about various travel tips, locations, and reasons to travel. To kick this thing off, I’m going to discuss my top 7┬áreasons to travel. This is kind of like my bible, so I figured I would share a little bit. Hope this list rings true to some of you as well! 1. Meeting new people. Being from the USA, and growing up in the middle of the country in Springfield, Missouri, I didn’t have much culture in my upbringing. Everyone around me was mainly white lower/middle class, and I didn’t have much exposure to different races and cultures until I attended college at The University of Illinois (Go Illini!). Travelling is so appealing because of all the different people I get to meet when I touch down in a new country. 2. Riding on a plane. Sure, I know what you’re thinking. This guy is CRAZY! Riding on a plane is for the birds, and why the hell would anyone ever think that’s a good part of travelling. Well, for me, this signifies the start of a new journey, no matter where I’m going. I might be crazy, but I love the idea of getting on a 2-14 hour plane flight knowing that the end of the flight results in […]


My trip to Aspen, CO

TweetThis last weekend, I took my Mom up to Aspen, which is one of her favorite places in the world. She loves the little boutique (read: expensive) shops, the luxury hotels, and the amazing restaurants. Personally, I would rather go to Steamboat because it’s more my speed (read: cheaper), and I like the people a bit better. I can’t imagine living in Aspen, as it’s so remote, impossible to get to by plane unless you want to spend a fortune, and it takes about 4 hours to get to the closest airport. But I love my Mom, and she wanted to go for her birthday, so I had to grant her request. There is one thing about Aspen that I love, and that’s the mountains. There’s more hiking trails than you can shake a stick at, and the ski resort is so well done that you can really get anything you want there. We stayed in a beautiful┬ácondo at The Crestwood Condos, which was right on the foot of Aspen Snowmass Mountain. As close as this was to the mountain, I was very surprised that it was so cheap to stay there for the weekend, considering this was Aspen. You can see what’s so good about Aspen in the video. If you haven’t been there, you really should go, but […]


Here’s a good travel video for you

TweetSince I’ve had a few people ask me lately for more packing tips for travelling abroad, I thought I would include another video to help you pack the best you can! This is a simple video and will give you some insight on what you can do to conserve space and avoid paying fees at the airport. Enjoy!  


Travelling within the US

TweetSometimes I’m asked if I travel frequently within the United States. The answer is of course a resounding ‘YES’, but I don’t get talk too much about it because most of my friends and family have been every single place I have been here in America, so it’s not as exciting to talk about. Nevertheless, there are some amazing places to travel within the US, and I’ll get into talking about them in some future posts. One place I travel frequently to, because I love the mountains, is Colorado. The natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains is almost indescribable, something you really have to see to believe. I love to hike and backpack, not just all over the world, but hiking, backpacking, and camping is what I grew up doing with my family. We like hiking all over Colorado because there is so much that you can see, and you would need a lifetime to cover it all. There’s over 50 14,000 foot tall mountains that you could scale (don’t try to hike those unless you do a little bit of research before hand about what it takes to scale a 14’er!), and each one of them has something special about it. While I said initially that I wouldn’t go into too great a detail about my travels in the […]


My absolute favorite travelling story

TweetAs I was having dinner with my brother last night, I thought about my very favorite travel story. We talked about this for about two hours last night, so I thought I would share with you! I was travelling abroad (for the very first time), with my buddy Will, and to be honest, I was a little homesick. We were staying in Wellington, New Zealand, which is an absolutely gorgeous part of the world. If you know anything about New Zealand, you’ll know that it’s very expensive, and if you’re travelling on a budget, it’s not the easiest thing to stay on your $20 per day budget. A cheeseburger at your local fast food restaurant can cost upwards of $10, so needless to say, my money went fast. Sidenote: We didn’t really plan very well when we thought ‘We can survive for 5 months on $5,000, travelling through New Zealand and Australia. At the age of 21, we weren’t the brightest dudes on the face of the Earth. Anyway, Will and I were keeping each other afloat, and making sure that no matter what, we wouldn’t let the homesickness get to us and drive us back home to our families in America. We knew that we simply had to get through the first rough patch, and we would learn to […]


Time for a new travel backpack

TweetI’ve had the same travelling backpack for some time now. I bought it at REI about ten years ago, and it’s lasted the test of time. It’s a green and black North Face, and has been with me for over 10,000 miles of travelling since it’s purchase. The problem is that 10,000 miles of travel will wear any good thing out, so I’m in the market for a new pack. Upon going to REI today, I noticed that there’s simply just too much to choose from, so I had to narrow it down significantly to include what I thought were the essentials of a travel backpack. Check out this snippet from Jackie, who is the ‘Budget Minded Traveler’! She hits the nails on the head with her video…


What’s in your Backpack when you Travel?

TweetOne of the most important things that could have ever happened to me was that I made a bunch of mistakes when I initially travelled in terms of what I packed! You don’t think too much about that stuff, as most of your time is spent actually planning your travel schedule and picking out the places you are going to go. I thought ‘If I forget something, I can simply find a store wherever I am, and just buy what I need’. The problem with that is that not every city in every country has what you can commonly buy in America at REI… With that, I thought I would discuss what’s in my travel bag so I can share with you what I would pack when I’m going to travel. Rather, sharing my essentials, which are the most important things. 1. Socks. I’m sure most of you military veterans are nodding your heads firmly at this one! Socks can be the most important thing to a traveller, and the rest might not even be close to as important as this one. A good pair of socks can make or break your travel day, especially when you are walking around with a 50 pound backpack through train stations in Europe, or in massive International airports, like the one in Sydney, […]